Favorite book review with “bum cells” in the lede

What We’re Reading: Enjoy Your Cells Washington Post

Favorite article about why you shouldn’t be doing whatever else you’re doing

The Multitasking Mind [pdf] BrainFacts

Favorite article featuring “spray-on skin”

Healing the Burn IEEE PULSE

Favorite articles about new technology

New Prostheses and Orthoses Step Up Their Game IEEE PULSE

Giving Voice to Emotion IEEE PULSE

Building a Better Breast Pump IEEE PULSE

New Imaging Technology May Help Doctors Diagnose Amyloidosis IEEE PULSE


Pain Sensitization Helps Injured Squid Survive Predators [pdf] Pain Research Forum

Ancient DNA provides glimpse into bowhead whale diversity [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

In Guam, more snakes means fewer birds — and many spiders [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

Animal Models IEEE PULSE

Favorite Q and As with fascinating scientists

AAAS Fellow Roy Curtiss Talks Vaccines, Microbiome and the Rewards of a Life in Science (Q & A) AAAS.org News

2014 Annual Meeting: Exploring the Many Effects of Mother’s Milk (Q & A) AAAS.org News

A discussion about the future of science careers with Paula Stephan [pdf] Member Spotlight (AAAS MemberCentral)

2014 Annual Meeting: Using Natural Resources to Help Agriculture Respond to Climate Change (Q & A) AAAS.org News

Favorite news you can use

Study: Light from backlit electronics suppresses melatonin release [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

How to Hack Your Brain for Peak Performance Greater Good 

In which I opine

Car seats are a (life-saving) pain. But do they have to be? Washington Post

Science with a side of dismantling the patriarchy

Do Men Have a Gratitude Problem? Greater Good

Does the science support a ban on female athletes with high testosterone levels? [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

Why is medicine better than science at retaining women? [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

How do male scientists balance lab life with home life? [pdf] Driving Force (AAAS MemberCentral)

Favorite article about lungs in which I inserted multiple puns

Branching Out Brown Medicine

Favorite article about using light to control neurons

Virus-Based Optogenetics Provides On and Off Switches for Pain [pdf] Pain Research Forum  

Favorite articles about the good life

Eight Ways Awe Boosts Your Well-Being Mindful (reprint from Greater Good)

Ten Ways to Encourage People to Give More Greater Good

Five Ways Music Can Make You a Better Person Greater Good

How Your Brain Stops a Bad Day from Making You Hate Everyone Mindful (reprint from Greater Good)

How Thinking About the Future Makes Life More Meaningful Mindful (reprint from Greater Good)

Five Limits Your Brain Puts on Generosity Greater Good

Favorite articles about healthcare

Cancer Survivors IEEE PULSE

Under the Skin Brown Medicine

Electronic Health Records in Veterinary Medicine IEEE PULSE

Favorite articles for scientists

Can you explain your research using only the 1000 most common words? [pdf] Qualia (AAAS MemberCentral)

10 ways scientists can benefit from Twitter [pdf] Driving Force (AAAS MemberCentral)