Virtue White Paper Project

From April 2018 to January 2019 I was a Research and Writing Fellow for UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC). In this capacity, I wrote a series of white papers about the science of “character virtues” and related subjects of interest to the GGSC and its funding partner, the John Templeton Foundation. These papers synthesize findings from hundreds of studies and decades of research. The papers are geared toward a non-expert audience and are available to download above.

I also wrote a series of feature articles for Greater Good based off of my research on the white paper topics. They can be viewed here.

The Science of Generosity white paper served as inspiration for Soul Pancake’s Science of Generosity YouTube video series. These videos have more been viewed more than 5.5 million times.

The Science of Gratitude white paper was referenced in the Wall Street Journal article, For Couples, Gratitude is a Boomerang.

The generosity and awe white papers were both featured in Forbes.