The Adventures of Ned the Neuron: an educational project worth crowdfunding

The Adventures of Ned the Neuron is a Kickstarter project created by neuroscientist Erica Warp and computer programmer Jessica Voytek through their company Kizoom.  Erica and Jessica are creating an amazing electronic storybook about Ned and his nervous system adventures. The book/app is targeted to kids ages 7-11 and will teach them 30 different neuroscience concepts with stories and games. But they need money to be able to do this. They have three days left to raise $25,000 via Kickstarter. You can check out a video about the project there and see examples of the original here. If you love neuroscience or kids or both, consider throwing them some cash like I have.

No conflicts of interest here: I don’t know Erica or Jessica and I doubt they know I exist, I just think this project is awesome!



  1. Summer, Jessica Voytek (of Kizoom & The Adventures of Ned The Neuron) here. I just came by your post doing a little random searching for “Ned the Neuron” and I wanted to thank you for your support! You’re right, I had no idea that you’d posted this but it’s really cool to find new people who think Ned is a awesome as we do. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jessica! It’s nice to hear from you. I’m so glad Ned was funded. I love the IPad App and can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to get into it (she’s 1.5 now). For now she likes looking at the pictures. Are you going to sell stuffed Neds like I’ve seen in the SFN pictures?

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